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In the era of the knowledge and digital economy today, technology is no longer meant as a tool to increase productivity. Instead, it becomes a critical factor in creating added value. Higher education as an institution that is responsible for advancing science while producing innovative products of high economic value needs to be encouraged as a Centre of Excellence (CoE). Among others, Legal-Entity Higher Education Institution/Perguruan Tinggi Badan Hukum (PTN-BH) is considered more potential to become CoE in Indonesia because it has the autonomy of academic and non-academic management. Utilizing CoE criteria such as financial/funding, cooperation, governance, academic, and research-innovation, a gap analysis was conducted to find out what are best policies to develop PTN-BH towards CoE. This study suggests that the centre of science and technology excellence/Pusat Unggulan Iptek (PUI) can be a promising starting point towards CoE.


higher education institution world class university centre of excellence

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Fachriansyah, K., & Sulastri, E. (2020). Developing Legal-Entity Higher Education Institution (Perguruan Tinggi Negeri – Badan Hukum) as Centre of Excellence. Bappenas Working Papers, 3(2), 199-217.